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 Links worth sharing:     Forester's Inc.  Professional Consulting Foresters with a special interest and experience in FSC grade Sustainable Forestry.  Main Offices in Blacksburg, VA, but doing business all over the US.      Certified Forest Product Council- a searchable database of suppliers of FSC certified wood products and comparisons of the four primary certification programs.      The Community Forestry Resource Center-  an extensive database of sustainable forestry issues, articles, papers, and resources.  A comprehensive section on Forest Landowner Cooperatives.  Includes an on line version of our Newsletter (Taking Root) and links to a lot of worthwhile sites dealing with Sustainable Forestry.      The US site of the Forest Stewardship Council-  This site is the definitive one to see what's going on in certified sustainable forestry.  While there are a number of different certification programs for sustainable forestry, the FSC has by far the highest standards and the only standards created by ALL the stakeholders.  Not only have environmental folks, industry folks, Professional Forestry folks, landowners, and plain-old citizens worked to create these standards, but they've been subject to public comment a number of times.      Virginia Forest Watch-  an activist environmental site of an organization here in Virginia working to promote sustainable forestry practices.  We're active members of VAFW, encourage others to join and become active, and recommend you visit VAFW's site and some of the links to other activist groups. 
Please Note:  To be active doesn't imply you (or we) agree with everything a group does, but it does say you care enough to give of your time.  To be inactive allows others to set agendas which you may regret later--and which may impact not only your future, but that of the next generations.  Our web Host.  Good friends of ours who are astute and honorable business people: professionals in every sense.  We highly recommend them and will be surprised if you can beat their prices and responsiveness.  Tell them we sent you!  We've been members of Co-op America for about 10 years.  Next Generation Woods advertises in their Green Pages--an alternative to the "yellow" pages--which lists businesses pledging to practice environmental and social responsibility.  Check them out (and look in the Woodwise area for our listing!)  There are companies that sell almost anything you might need, and we encourage you to support them with your business.  When we find a business partner, friend, or resource that embodies that rare quality of Excellence, we cherish that relationship.  Wood-Mizer is one such company.  We bought our first bandsaw mill from them in 1997,  Because of the well-designed, high quality product, equally good and economical parts, and the truly exemplary technical support--we bought our moulder from them in 2000.  It's a first rate company, with products that set industry standards, run by really enjoyable folks and we heartily recommend them.  If you're looking for someone in your area to do custom sawing  you can call them (toll free: 1-800-553-0182) and they'll tell you who in your area provides that service.