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Pricing for Millwork, Timber frames, and other services—


Millwork costs depend on the profile of the trim, the quantity,

        and the species, but you can estimate a price by using:  $1.15/bf plus lumber cost

For instance, 3" red oak strip flooring is $3.85 per square foot and 1x4" poplar case moulding is 80 cents per lineal foot.  This would be for our minimums of 300sq ft of single width, random length, end-matched flooring or 500 lineal feet of a stock profile.  If you need less there's a $60 set-up charge. 


If you have a unique profile (for renovation or restoration work) we will have the cutters made at no charge to you with a minimum order of 800 lineal feet or we can quote you a cutter charge with normal minimums.


We plan a link to a selection of profiles you can choose from "here", but till we get it going, please let us know what you need by sending a sample or sketch.



Timber Framing  Our Operations Manager is also a professional engineer, with 20 years of experience designing timber and wood frame structures to do our design work.  We can simply advise you if you want to do it yourself, we can do the design and provide you with working drawings, or we can cut and deliver a frame to you.  We can also provide timbers if you're wanting to undertake one of the most rewarding experiences in your life: cutting and erecting your own timber frame!  Please contact us for pricing. 


Other Services-

Kiln Drying (required for all interior woodwork, except timbers and beams.)        25 cents/bf

Planing                                                                                                              50 cents/bf

Transportation                                                                                           $1.50 per loaded mile

Other labor/consultation including harvesting and sawing.                          $40/hr

Custom sawing policies: 

  • We'll do custom sawing on your site if it's within an hour's travel of Riner, VA.  We have a four hour minimum, which includes bringing the mill to your site and setting it up (set-up takes 1/2 hour or so each time the mill is moved.)  

  • We charge by the hour specifically because it allows the landowner to help, which reduces your costs and allows us to focus on producing high quality lumber or timbers.  We can give you a firm quote, if you'd prefer.

  • The log owner is responsible for log cleanliness.  If we hit gravel, embedded metal (fencing, nails, bullets), or other debris that ruins the blade, there's a $30 charge for each ruined blade.  If the blade can be resharpened we charge our cost of $10 per blade.  Normal blade wear is included in the hourly charges.



Allowance for waste-- Don’t worry about that unless you're interested in having your own lumber custom milled. Just place the order for the moulding, flooring, paneling, or trim you need.  Specify the units (typically lf—or sq ft for flooring.)  Conversion rates will be taken care of by your friendly wood workers!


...For those curious sorts, FAS is expected to have an 83% conversion rate, 1C has 67%,  2C has 50%, and 3C has 33%.  This is why the lumber with fewer knots is worth more…unless you like what some consider “defects” as showing beautiful character...which we do!


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