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Our Mission and Forest Management Philosophy

 The mission of Next Generation Woods, Inc. is to produce wood products in the most ecologically respectful manner to preserve and enhance the forests of our next generations.  We’re basing our corporate strategy on our belief that we didn’t simply inherit Nature’s resources to use for our immediate needs—we have a responsibility to protect them for future generations.

 Next Generation Woods, Inc. bases it’s operating philosophy on the 200-year success of Northern Wisconsin’s Menominee Tribal Forest.  The Menominee forest has been continually, but selectively, harvested for over 200 years.  It's produced over 2 billion board feet of lumber yet contains the same volume and mix of trees of wood as it did after its first formal inventory (done around 1800.)

The concept is to leave the forest crown intact by taking only a few selected trees from an area every few years.  The Menominee have done this by taking the worst and leaving the best for the future (the same way Nature "manages.")  It respects the forest as a continually renewable resource, as an investment for the future, and as a unique ecosystem worthy of continuing.

What this means in practice can be found in detail at the Forest Stewardship Council's website.  While we aren't certified according to the FSC standards yet, we use them as our own standards.  They happen to be the highest standards in use and are, we feel, the most environmentally, economically, and socially responsible.


Who we are...

The principals of Next Generation Woods, Inc, are Gail and Harry Groot.  Involved in sustainable agriculture since 1977, they've added the values and experience gained in producing healthy food from healthy soil for local customers, to the forest on SunriseValley Farm at the southern tip of Montgomery County in Virginia.

They've put the "take the worst, leave the best" forest management philosophy into practice on their 110 acre farm near Riner VA since 1983.  Logging and farming with horses for fifteen years, they now use a small four wheel drive tractor to allow more time for value adding activities.

Gail is the manager for the farm's herd of Dairy Goats (Registered Nubians and Toggenbergs, and meat crosses) while Harry focuses on NGW as it's Operations Manager.  Together they continue to raise free range and pasture raised poultry for eggs and meat.  In 2001 they repopulated the farm with a Heritage Breed Turkey (Narragansetts) and are working with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy to support their efforts to preserve heritage livestock breeds by bringing them back into production. 

If you'd like more information on any of SunriseValley Farm's livestock or products (like Goat's Milk Soap,) please write us at:

Our Narragansetts                                    Gail with some kids!